May 28, 2024


Be Prepared – Be Secure

An urgent call-to-action for the U.S. government, or any government for that matter.


Rising Cyber Threats: Protecting Identity and Property in the Internet Era

In the age of AI, nothing on the Internet and nothing that is connected to the Internet in any way, can be trusted. Anything and everything can be stolen, hacked, faked, spoofed and what have you.


We are at a point where it is imperative to protect peoples identities and property, as more or less everything is connected to the Internet. Even the power grid. Your identity, SSN, property information and anything you can think of. It is extremely crucial that every public identity and property record be disconnected from the Internet because that is the ONLY way to protect it. Also, identification can most likely only be done with biometric data. That the government have a real, original offline copy of all identity, property and ownership records etc. is imperative. This can not be stated more clearly. There is no way to completely protect any information that is connected to the Internet. That may have been the case yesterday, however the technology is now changing so rapidly that it may already be to late.


Introducing the ‘Golden Repository’: A Secure Vault for Public Records

The only way we can protect public records now is to have the original offline. Data must be copied between the Internet and the offline original, lets call it “The Golden Repository of true data” via a form of digital, completely air-gapped air-lock system. The bandwidth and storage capacity of server computers is now so great that this can be achieved quite easily.


Biometric Verification: Enhancing Security in the Digital Age

What good is it to have biometric data verification for identity and property/ownership records when the very source of the records can be hacked and manipulated? That is the case now.


Given this perilous landscape, the concept of “The Golden Repository” emerges as a last line of security in a world riddled with digital vulnerabilities. This repository, which acts as a vault, is designed to store the authentic versions of critical public records – identity documents, property titles, ownership certificates, and more. The key to its impregnability lies in its complete disconnection from the Internet, a feature that makes it immune to the plagues of hacking and data manipulation that beset anything online.

The creation process must be planned and executed in such a way that it ensures that the integrity of each record is preserved during the transition.


Maintaining the Integrity of Public Records in the ‘Golden Repository’

Moreover, maintaining the repository demands a strict protocol, one that balances accessibility with security. The digital air-lock system for transferring data between Internet connected services and the “Golden Repository” serves as a critical component in this balance, acting as a controlled gateway that permits the flow of information while blocking any unauthorized access. It is paramount that the air-lock system is air-gapped – that is, completely, physically disconnected from the internet and the “Golden Repo” aswell.


The Challenge of Transitioning to an Offline Data Sanctuary

Transferring existing digital records into this offline sanctuary requires either robots, controlled from the inside of the “Golden Repo”, or human intervention, to transfer changed records on a daily basis Basically connecting to Internet facing services to get changed data, disconnecting, then connecting to the “Golden Repository” to first verify integrity of the new records, then transferring the changes and disconnecting. It also becomes a necessity for each set of records to be stored for a long enough time, let’s say 100 years.


Personalized Security: The Role of Biometrics in Protecting Individual Records

Furthermore, the implementation of biometric verification adds an additional layer of security. By binding an individual’s unique biological traits to their records, the repository not only safeguards the data but also ensures that access to it is strictly personalized. This biometric layer acts as a fail-safe, ensuring that even if the digital records were somehow compromised, the original, offline copies in the “Golden Repository” would remain untouched and unassailable.


Reclaiming Identity: The ‘Golden Repository’ in Cases of Identity Theft

This ensures that the general public can still continue to use convenient digital services to interact with and change records. It is only when you have an identity theft, that this system comes to it’s intended use. You, as the victim can then physically go to an office to verify your identity and select the correct records. That is the purpose of this system, to ensure that the real owner, identified biometrically, can verify and reclaim his/her identity and records.


A New Era in Data Security: The Significance of the ‘Golden Repository’

The “Golden Repository”, therefore, stands not just as a storage stronghold, but as a symbol of a new era in data security – an era where the most sensitive and valuable information is guarded not just by firewalls and encryption, but by the security of physical isolation. In a world where digital threats evolve faster than digital defenses, the “Golden Repository” indicates that the fundamental principles of security still remain the gold standard: separation, control, and the immutable reliability of the physical world.

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