May 28, 2024


Be Prepared – Be Secure

This is why you need storage of food, groceries, tools and other supplies.

Blackouts, Loss of power for extended periods of time

This is more plausible than you might think. When terrorists strike or in the event of a war on home soil, what do you think one of the first things to attack would be? Power grids. It would instantly paralyze society. Then you have EMP’s, massive solar flares and CME.

Severe Weather Events

It’s no news anymore that global weather has changed dramatically over the past decade and is continuing to do so at an alarming rate. Even just in the United States, in the last couple of years alone we have seen extreme cold snaps, snow storms, heat waves, violent tornadoes and hurricanes, uncontrollable wildfires and massive floodings. What’s worse, it does not seem to get any better anytime soon. All the more reason to protect your house and/or property from as much of this as you can.

You Lose Your Job

This is probably one of the more common scenarios, but not one to take lightly. The new trend of automating both physical and office work means that millions of people will go from being employable to having no job to go to. In many cases it could also mean that entire industries or categories of jobs are no longer accessible. Jobs done by robots, self driving cars, office tasks being automated by intelligent software.

And it’s easy to see the appeal from an employers point of view; A robot doesn’t complain, doesn’t get paid, works 24/7, never gets tired, don’t have vacations, family emergencies or take coffee breaks.

All this would mean that losing your job could be an event that it takes years to recover from. It could mean that you have to re-school yourself and get in to an entirely new field.

In a job loss situation you will be thankful for having made one to two years of food storage, tools and equipment available to you and your family and that you have a possibility to grow your own food.

Social and/or political chaos

Rioting, mass protests, looting, large scale vandalism. Densely populated areas are especially vulnerable. This could happen in any city/area in any state or country. We have already seen it in the news several times, and it takes very little to trigger such an event. It could even be purposefully triggered by terrorists. This was for example seen in France in early 2019.

Financial/Economic meltdown

An economic collapse of the current financial system could lead to an era similar or worse than the Great Depression.

Grocery or supply system interruption

Almost all stores selling any product from food to building materials and anything in between are operating with very small inventories. In logistics terms, this is known as JIT – Just In Time – delivery

Epidemic or Pandemic

As a result of modern (fast) worldwide travel, it is more likely that we can see outbreaks of epidemics or pandemics. People will be warned to avoid contact with others. This means you will have to stay indoors for longer periods of time. Just going to the grocery store could be a danger to your life. This is where a very well stocked storage with necessary tools, equipment and months of food will be necessary to save your lives.

Terrorist Attack

A terrorist attack is unfortunately not uncommon and may happen again. The aftermath could be so bad that it would limit your movements and travel. In this scenario it is also advisable to having an inventory of food and supplies at home will be a necessity.

Government budget cuts/failure/shutdown

It has happened repeatedly throughout history. The most recent is the shutdown of January 2019. We could be hit by things such as debt default as well as other reasons.

Major shift in global trade markets

Trade wars could either press prices, wages or start trade embargoes or cause mass layoffs because consumers buy from other countries. It could be caused by robots taking over functions and changing prices, supply/demand etc. The latter is already happening to some extent.


War/World War

Need I say more?

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