May 28, 2024


Be Prepared – Be Secure

What you should protect yourself against


What should you protect yourself against? A few basic things comes to mind:

Lack of drinking water
Lack of food

Protecting your possessions from prying eyes, nosy neighbors, people who think they can just invade someone else’s property and take their things for free without any consequences.

Protecting your possessions from a socialistic government where you’re not allowed to own more than the average.

Is it realistic to put measures into place to protect against all these things? Maybe it’s excessive, but the way this world is going, it’s rapidly becoming necessary. Because the time for prepping is now. Next year it may already be to late. We saw that with the covid-19 pandemic. People said “yeah, whatever – plenty of time” and then “boom” there it was and it was too late.

Some people were already prepared. Some had started and were not really ready, but managed to get by during the initial lock-down without problems. And then came the aftermath and other events who could be an entirely separate disaster all on it’s own. Fires, hurricanes, political unrest, civil unrest, radical fundamentalist groups rioting – looting – killing people. Online security is a growing threat – ID theft etc.

The tendencies we see in society now, where a growing number of people (not everyone, but a large enough number), particularly younger generations, think they can get – or rather are entitled to get – free stuff from the government or even anyone else who have more than they have. Like someone should give away their property or belongings, which they worked a lifetime to achieve, to some bums who sit around all day doing nothing of real importance? Social media or gaming does not count as important, btw.

These people also strongly appear to have the idea that nobody should tell them anything they don’t like and that nothing they do should have any consequences. I realize not everyone is like this, but the danger is that the small minority is, and have been for a couple of decades, slowly changing the opinion of the general public as to what constitutes acceptable behavior.

Does that really bring us closer to a society we want to live in? Does it make us feel like what we own is protected? Does it make us feel safe? It certainly doesn’t make us feel safe here at Prepare A Lot.

So I urge you to take action today, before it’s too late. Do a little bit every day and make it a habit to prepare. Be responsible for yourself, your life, your actions and your family. You deserve to be ready when SHTF for real.


Stay tuned for later articles on exactly how you can practically make these preparations.





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