July 21, 2024


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Your most cherished assumptions could turn out to be the result of misinformation

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What if your most cherished assumptions would turn out to be the result of misinformation?
If it turned out that you had been fed propaganda and misinformation and fake news for decades and you just now realized it, how would you react?

What if many of the things you were told were fake news were in fact true? I’m not talking about absurd conspiracy theories, but things which sound just a litte bit far fetched but which could still actually technically happen.

The first thing you would probably do, was to dismiss it as nonsense and keep on living in your bubble. There would most likely always be a nagging little doubt in your mind after that, wouldn’t there? And you’d probably be upset by it?

What if the people who supply your regular information and news knew that very well and were actively playing on it to amplify your anger and fear, letting you see only what they filter for you?

We know for a fact that Google, Twitter, Facebook etc., as well as media outlets like CNN, Fox, New York Times and others actively apply filters to the information we see. That’s nothing new. It should concern people far more that it appears to do at the moment.

Now, in a completely hypothetical scenario; if someone were to control such an information machinery as they have in China or North-Korea, they’d most likely start by controlling the media and social media companies. They’d start in a very subtle way, to introduce small, seemingly unimportant changes to what’s being constituted as “politically correct” and then adding to that over time to include blatant censoring of opposing views and to ridicule and harass anyone with opposing views.

If they can do that in China, is it so unlikely that it can evolve to that state in USA as well? Or Canada? Or Europe? Or anywhere else?

People thinking for themselves and thinking critical thoughts, having opposing views – some claim unwanted views, is likely the biggest threat from a socialist society. What would be the first step to quell opposing voices? To make people believe, falsely, that even the tiniest opposing view is radical, dangerous, unethical, unwanted and then to censor opposing voices by controlling or attempting to control news outlets and social media outlets. Isn’t that already happening?

Eventually, you end up having a society where people turn each other in, to receive some status or to protect themselves from being scrutinized or penalized. East-Germany saw this happen before the Berlin wall fell. It would happen without people realizing it, because the change would evolve over decades. Sometimes it will evolve more quickly, like it has done with Covid-19. In some socialist countries, like Norway, Sweden, Denmark (ask people who live here) people are actually turning their neighbors in to the government for violating the rules regarding social distancing etc. Times are changing and it gets more and more of a “1984” feel to it by the day. For reference, “1984” is a dystopian social science fiction novel by George Orwell written in 1949.

Something is happening as you are reading this and it’s been going on for a few decades, accelerating exponentially. Is anyone being harassed and threatened because of having other political views? Other religious views? For opposing a minority? Is there a minority which is trying to sway the majority in their direction? Is radical views becoming “normalized”? Are opposing views claimed to be radical? Are small groups of people displaying completely unacceptable behavior – like throwing fits of rage in public, burning things, vandalizing property, attacking people, just because they don’t get their way? Is this behavior being penalized in accordance with our laws? Or are people in certain areas being allowed to vandalize without any real consequences?

Let me ask you this: Do you feel safe in a world where if someone vandalized your property, burned down your house, threatened your family, stole your belongings, harassed you and your family in public, their actions had more or less no consequences? Would you say that a proportional response from the authorities is to release them after a few nights in jail without further prosecution? Even repeat offenders? Or do you think a more severe reaction is in order? Should we allow vandalism to go basically unpunished?

What if you owned a business and saw that your livelihood was destroyed and your employees had no work to go to anymore? Would that be ok? I think not. Somehow, though, some political figures, local to national, and international, are basically condoning this behavior and in some cases encouraging it as well, and again, it has no noticeable consequences for them. How is that not scary?

What about free speech? Should we really allow for censoring of speech? Obviously I’m not talking about direct, blatant hate speech or clearly vulgar and offensive remarks. Online or in real life. Don’t misquote me – and don’t misquote me on purpose, either. We must be mindful of the level of what is considered offensive, as it seems to me that this level is lowered by the day. Is it really offensive if someone just does not agree with you? Or is disagreement just free speech in action? Could you simply ignore it if you don’t agree? Or must you be trying to censor other peoples opinion?

Have we all become so sensitive that we cannot even handle anyone telling us anything we don’t agree with?

Is that really the way you want the world to be?

In any case, it appears that it would be very wise, as the year of 2020 has proven, to ramp up your prepping skills and have at least a half a year or a years worth of supplies tucked away in strategic locations. Remember to spread your storage so it’s not all located in one place. There are scientists who believe that we will see similar or worse pandemics in the future. And it would probably be several in our generation alone. One could simply argue that the planet is becoming so overpopulated that this is simply natures way of regulating itself. So, as always, let’s make sure that we are all in the group which survives.



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